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In- Home Personal Training

In-home personal sport training provides clients with the opportunity to train with a Fitness Stop personal trainer at the convenience and comfort of their homes. In-home personal training is appropriate for clients who prefer to train and can only train at their home due to personal obligations or other reasons. Our certified personal trainers design fitness programs to help all clients achieve realistic fitness goals.

Personal training (Trainer Destination)

Personal Training is one of the fastest growing businesses in the health industry for three reasons, which include lacking knowledge in how to use gym equipment, beginner exercisers, and simply do not have the motivation to exercise in order to reach their fitness goals. A Fitness Stop personal trainer will design a program consisting of exercises appropriate for your fitness goals.

Group Training ( Trainer Destination)

Group training consists of 3 or more clients who participate together in a training program or class. Fitness Stop offers group classes at our Fitness Stop location in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The group training sessions gives clients the opportunity to enjoy the company of exercising with other individuals while reaching their fitness goals. Clients view group training as way to interact with other clients, while being motivated by their group members as well as their fitness trainer. If individual training is not preferable or not economically affordable, group training is another way for potential clients to begin a training program offered by Fitness Stop.

Sports Training ( In home or Trainer Destination)

Fitness Stop Sports training program is designed to provide individuals with the tools and techniques to achieve peak performance in their perspective sports, striving for efficiency of human movement through the enhancement of functional movement, and correction of imbalances in sports and in life. The programs consist of exercises to:

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Workplace and Corporate Training

Companies or businesses can sign up to have their staff or employees become members of Fitness Stop by having a personal fitness trainer conduct individual training sessions or group sessions at their place of work. Also companies/businesses can sign up for our corporate account to take advantage of specials and discount if companies choose to be financially responsible for their employees to be trained by a Fitness Stop personal trainer. Individual and group training session can take place at the company fitness gym and if a gym is not available, training can be done outside in most cases or an available large room. Individuals can still become members of Fitness Stop if their company or business do not participate in our corporate training discount.

Nutrition Plans and Workouts

Fitness Stop also provides Nutritional Advice and Work Out plans for individuals seeking to train on their own without the assistance of a personal training. An assessment and consultant is required to design a fitness program for the individual. Additional information including, age, weight , height, BMI weight loss goals, medical information, activity level are some examples of the information needed for a written workout plan or Nutritional advice plan.

Faith And Fitness Program

Our bodies are temples and important vessels that represent who we are and our beliefs. Fitness Stop introduces fitness to those who are spiritually strong and secure to help build and maintain stronger temples. Our Faith and Fitness program starts with a complimentary Wellness event. Fitness Stop will provide information about our business and services to your congregation that explains the importance of a personal trainer and staying physically fit.

About us

Welcome To Fitness Stop

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness

Fitness Stop is an fitness training business that provides personal trainers and weight loss coaches to clients at their place of work or home. We strive to help our clients reach their fitness goals by maximizing their level of fitness with specially designed programs. We have helped over 100's of clients reach there goals, Be it weight loss, toning, training for 5k to marathon or just want to get in better shape. We PRIDE ourselves on getting results, and we thank you for taking the time at look at our website and hope to hear from you soon.


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